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5 FREE Eau de Parfum Fragrance Samples

FREE Discovery Set with 5 Eau de Parfum Fragrance Samples

Monday, Jul 20, 2020 | 1 Comment | Disclosure

UPDATE: Shipping is no longer free. You can still get the sample set but shipping will be $3.99. Fragance Crafters is offering 5 FREE Eau de Parfum Fragrance Samples with FREE Shipping so you can try their scents before you buy a full bottle. This is a limited time offer. Click here then fill in the form to request your Discovery Set today!

About Fragance Crafters

Fragance Crafters creates handmade fragrances and body luxuries and also give you the option to customize and create a unique product based on your taste. The company offers you premium quality cosmetic grade body oils, perfume oils, fragrance oil sprays, super cologne sprays, body sprays, scented lotions, aftershave, massage oils, essential oils, burning oils and more made with organic products.

Thank you for sharing, Brittany!


  • snuffaluphagussnuffaluphagus
    Monday, Jul 20, 2020

    They are charging 3.99 shipping

    But there are a lot of red flags--spelling errors, odd grammar and the request for phone number--it makes me think it is a phishing site & if you still feel inclined to give it a go, definitely use privacy dot com or a burner card plus a google voice number and not your real name or regular email...I love you guys and this site but this one i think is no bueno


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