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FREE jar or pouch of Karma Nuts

FREE Karma Nuts from Social Nature if Chosen (Apply)

Wednesday, Oct 23, 2019 | 2 Comments

Get a voucher by mail for a FREE jar or pouch of Karma Nuts (value up to $9.99) from Social Nature if you are chosen. Choose from 5 different cashew varieties- including cocoa dusted, golden turmeric, and sea salt. Click here then click the "WANT IT" button and answer a few questions to apply. They'll contact you by email if you are selected. Good luck! Thank you Yvette!

About Karma Nuts

The mission of Karma® Nuts is simple - put goodness into the world whenever you can. Whether that be fueling your body with healthy food, helping out those less fortunate, or showing a bit of kindness to a stranger - we believe that goodness comes full circle and we put our heart into everything that we do. In 2014 Karma Nuts introduced a line of minimally processed cashews, including the Wrapped® cashew (the most delectable, crunchy, and nutritionally-dense cashew) which was developed by the Nair family leveraging their 85+ years of experience in the cashew business.


  • Verlyn5580Verlyn5580
    Wednesday, Oct 23, 2019

    Great interesting flavors to try. Thank you

    • MrsVonBeauMrsVonBeau
      Wednesday, Oct 23, 2019

      Yes! The Toasted Coconut Roasted sounds delish. Hope you get picked!


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