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Join Waldo for FREE and get a FREE $5 bonus when you sign up and link your card. PLUS, earn $10 for each friend you refer!

Continue to FREE $5 Cash Bonus + $10 for Each Referral.

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FREE $5 Cash Bonus + $10 for Each Referral

FREE $5 Cash Bonus + $10 for Each Referral

Aug 16, 2019 @ 1:17PM CDT | Comment | Sponsored Content (Disclosure)

Waldo is AI built to save you money. When recent purchases drop in price, Waldo leverages a hidden perk called price protection, to get you cash back. For a limited time, you can get a FREE $5 Cash Bonus when you sign up with your Gmail account through a referral link and link your card. PLUS, you'll earn $10 for each friend you refer! Cash out to your bank account, PayPal account or a gift card of your choosing when your account balance reaches $25. Waldo works with over 100+ brands, including Amazon, Patagonia, Best Buy, Nordstrom and more. Click here to sign up for Waldo and start saving money. Step by step instructions are listed below...

  1. Click here then sign in with your Google account to get started. You must have a valid US-based Gmail account with 5 purchases in the past 6 months from a Waldo-supported retailer to be eligible for the the cash bonus.
  2. Next, link your credit card to receive your $5 card-linking bonus. A credit card on file is necessary so that Waldo can get you an automatic refund as well as take a small finder's fee (25%) of the savings.
  3. Shop online like you normally would at your favorite brands. Supported brands include Amazon, Lowe's, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Urban Outfitters, REI, Gap, Kohl's, Newegg, Coach, Victoria's Secret, and more.
  4. Waldo monitors the shopping receipts in your email and watches for price changes so you don’t have to.
  5. When they detect a price drop, Waldo issues a refund request with the merchant and you get money back.
  6. Once your Waldo account balance reaches $25, you can cash out!
  7. Refer your friends and you'll get $10 once they link a card (and they'll get $5).

About Waldo Cash Back

Waldo is artificial intelligence built to save you money on recent purchases when they drop in price by leveraging a hidden perk called price protection. Waldo gets you money back from a diverse set of brands including Amazon, Patagonia, Best Buy, and Nordstrom just to name a few. Waldo works with over 100+ brands, with new ones added every day. The best part — you don’t have to lift a finger. Funds are directly credited back to your credit card from the store.

Both a verified card and verified account are necessary to receive Waldo's card-linking bonus. A verified credit card can be a Visa, Discover, MasterCard, or American Express card based in the United States. We do not accept prepaid or department store cards at the moment. Additionally, a verified card is a card that is new to our platform and has not been transferred over from another Waldo account. A verified account must be a United States-based Gmail account that has made at least 5 purchase orders within the last 6 months at one of the 100+ brands Waldo supports.

The links in this post contain our referral link. Thank you for using our link to sign up, if you do.

Feel free to share your referral link in the comments below! To do so, simply click on register or log in at the top right of this page (rotate screen if on mobile) then post your comment with your referral link.

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