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Continue to FREE $5 + $100 for Every 3 Referrals.

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FREE $5 + $100 for Every 3 Referrals

FREE $5 + $100 for Every 3 Referrals

Mar 15, 2019 @ 12:28PM CDT | 1 Comment | Sponsored Content (Disclosure)

Until March 31st, NEW Qapital members can score a FREE $5 Cash Bonus save $1 to your account. PLUS, everyone can earn up to $500 in Cash Bonuses for referring friends! Qapital is a free banking app that gives you the option to AUTOMATICALLY save money based on goals you set. Click this link to sign up then link your bank account (simple bank works if you have that), create a goal and transfer $1. Once your $1 has been added to your Qapital account, you'll receive your $5 bonus. Get your friends to do the same through your link and you'll get $100 for every 3 friends that join. You can withdraw your entire balance to your linked bank account at any time! New members get a 30 day free trial, then the basic plan is $3/month. Withdraw your free money and close your account within the 30 days to avoid the monthly fee. We've fully tested this deal and it works but you must follow the instructions exactly. Enjoy! 🤑

How to get your FREE $5 Bonus:

  1. First, sign up through our Qapital $5 Bonus Link and download the free app to get a $5 bonus when you open your NEW free Qapital account with no credit check and no minimum balance requirement.
  2. Link your bank account as a funding source.
    TIP: You can use your Simple bank account if you have one.
  3. Create your goal.
    TIP: Choose "Just Start Saving", call your goal "Bonus", enter $1 as the amount for how much you need to save, then under "Active Rules" create a new rule, select "Set & Forget Rule", then under "Save" choose $1 and under "Every" choose Month.
  4. Transfer $1 from your linked account to your Qapital account.
  5. Once the transfer posts to your Qaptial account, your $5 bonus will be added and you can them transfer your entire Qapital balance to your linked bank account.
  6. After the transfer is fulled completed, go to your "Goal" and click on the goal you created then "Delete Goal".
  7. You can now unlink your bank account and close your account unless you plan to do more with your Qapital account.
    TIP: To unlink, go to "Accounts" then select the account under "Linked Banks" and "Unlink bank".

How to get your $100 Bonus for referring 3 friends:

  1. After you sign up for Qapital account, you'll be eligible to refer friends and earn up to $500 cash during the month of March.
  2. Find your refer link in your Qaptial app by tapping on your profile image then on "Share Qapital, get cash".
  3. Share your link with friends and family and on social sites and once your referral signs up, creates a goal and transfers $1, you'll get $5 and so will they.
  4. Once 3 friends have completed the sign up process as described above, your referral bonus will be $100!
  5. You can earn up to $500 in bonuses by referring just 15 friends!
  6. So, get to sharing and earn that FREE money while you can!

About Qapital

Qapital is a personal finance app that allows you to save money automatically and make investments for the future with Savings Goals, based on Rules and triggers that you set. There are no account setup or overdraft fees. You have unlimited immediate transfers to and from your Qapital Goals account, and you can set up direct deposit to fund your Spending account or transfer money directly to and from your funding account. If life happens and your funding account gets too low, you can simply pause the rules or cancel a transfer within the app. New members get a 30 day free trial, then the basic plan is $3/month. Try Qapital for 30 days free then if you don't plan to use the account to justify the $3 monthly cost, you can always withdraw any cash bonuses earned and close your account at any time.

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Mar 15, 2019 @ 1:04PM CDT

They increased the new member bonus to $20! See our new post here =>

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