FREE Informed Delivery by USPS

FREE Informed Delivery by USPS (Preview Incoming Mail and More)


Want to know what mail is being delivered before it arrives in your mailbox? USPS offers a FREE service called Informed Delivery that allows you to view images of incoming letter-sized mailpieces scheduled to arrive soon. You can also track packages and even see when pre-shipment labels have been created for packages yet to be mailed. This service is completely free. Click this link then create your account and verify your identity to sign up. You'll receive an Informed Delivery Daily Digest email from USPS every morning showing what Mailpieces and Packages you'll be receiving each day.

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  • coolgirl


    I love this program. Great service, nice to know what I am getting each day

  • Verlyn5580


    Thank you I already have it and I use it everyday it is a good service

  • Heidi Liller

    Heidi Liller

    Thank you for this opportunity to try new products through the mailing system.I love trying and buying products and i hope I'm chosen so I can receive amazing fun products and share my experience with those around me. Thank you hope who ever is reading this is having a great day 🤗🤗🤗


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