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Sign up for the new DOSH app that's scheduled to launch in a few days and you'll get a free $5 credit. Refer your friends and get $5 per referral too!

FREE $5 DOSH Credit

FREE $5 DOSH Credit

Apr 21, 2017 @ 9:03AM CDT | 3 Comments

DOSH is a new cash back app that finds you cash without the hassle. They have launched and you can still get a FREE $5 DOSH Credit when you sign up plus even more $5 Credit for referring your friends! To get started, sign up through our link or one from the comments below then confirm your email, download the DOSH app for free then create an account and link a card to receive your free bonus Dosh credit earned. Be sure to share your link in the comments below after you've signed up! To do so, simply click on register or log in at the top right of this page (rotate screen if on mobile) then post your comment with your referral link. :) Thank you Gina!

About DOSH App

Dosh puts money back into the pockets of consumers and businesses alike using breakthrough technology to eliminate the wasted spend from advertising and most transactions. Dosh searches for cash and chases it down - relentlessly searching out offers to give cash back to users. No cutting coupons, no scanning receipts, no searching for offers. Dosh users simply spend as they normally would and watch the cash pile up.

But it doesn’t stop with revolutionizing shopping rewards. Dosh also gets users the best possible deal on hotel booking and car rentals while still giving substantial cash back to travelers. Work, shop, travel, play, and we’ll find you cash. Dosh puts the typical profit that hotels and online travel sites make back in the pockets of Dosh users.

And Dosh isn’t just sweetening the deal for consumers. Dosh provides merchants with more effective marketing, intelligent data, analytics and customer insights, and reduces waste in advertising dollars. This helps increase customer loyalty significantly by delighting customers with cash back they weren’t expecting.

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