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Request a FREE Sample of CarpalAid Pain Relief Hand Patch for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. While supplies last.

FREE CarpalAID Pain Relief Hand Patch

FREE CarpalAID Pain Relief Hand Patch

Apr 8, 2017 @ 9:08AM CDT | Comment

For a very limited time, you can get a FREE CarpalAID Pain Relief Hand Patch Sample mailed to you to try before you buy. CarpalAID is perfect for people suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome aches and strain from hands-on occupations or repetitive motion. Jobs that involve repetitive wrist movement include manufacturing, assembly line work, keyboarding occupations, grasping tools, scanning groceries, construction work and many more. Click here and fill out the form to request your free sample today! Thank you Osie!

About CarpalAID

CarpalAID is a revolutionary invention developed for functional support of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is a non-invasive medical device that is used externally in the palm of the patient’s hand. CarpalAID is a single use disposable product that can be worn on either hand to alleviate symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome wherever and whenever needed – at work, on the go, or even overnight! The skin lifting mechanism developed by our research and development team provides the median nerve with the respite required from the compression that it has succumbed to. By lifting the skin above the Carpal Tunnel ligament in the wrist/palm area, the pressure applied to the nerve is removed.

The following screenshot is of the current offer on the company's website at the time of this posting. It's at the sole discretion of the company offering the freebie/sample to fulfill any and all requests. Remember, VonBeau does not send out any free stuff.

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