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Free Nutrients for Life Magazine

FREE Nutrients for Life Magazine Biannual Subscription

Friday, Jul 25, 2014 | Comment

FREE Nutrients for Life Magazine Biannual Subscription - The Nutrients for Life Foundation is offering a free subscription to their Nutrients for Life Magazine. Go over to their website then scroll down to see magazine offer on the right side. Click the "subscribe" button to sign up and for the magazine. You'll receive biannual updates with the latest news, events and donor information at your fingertips.

Nutrients for Life Foundation

We're not kidding ourselves, we know that fertilizer isn't the most exciting subject in the world, but it is one of the most important. That said, we wanted to see what exactly people did know about this vital topic. We looked to our own backyard in Washington, D.C., to see how much fertilizer knowledge was out there. It turns out, there wasn't a whole lot. We set out to change all that with a flood of advertisements on Metro railcars throughout the city. And as you can see, we started to get the message across.

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