Free Fatima Religious Gifts

Free Fatima Religious Gifts

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FREE Religious Gifts Holy Rosary and Miraculous Fatima Water - The Fatima Network is offering the following items as free gifts: Holy Rosary, Miraculous Fatima Water, Green Scapular, Brown Scapular and Holy Card of Our Lady of Fatima. I ordered the Fatima Water a few months ago and did receive it in the mail. I didn't post the offer then because I wanted to make sure it was legit first.


The Message of Fatima consists of a number of precise predictions, requests, warnings and promises concerning the Faith and the world which were conveyed by the Blessed Virgin Mary to three shepherd children--Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco--in a series of apparitions at Fatima, Portugal from May to October 1917.

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  • Linda Accardi Linda Accardi
    February 18, 2013 11:05 pm

    I went to Portugal a year ago mainly to see the City of Fatima .

  • Shan Shan
    May 26, 2013 5:22 pm

    Received mine in the mail about a week ago. Love it!

  • JakeJake
    August 8, 2013 2:11 am

    Thank you for posting this!

  • LatoyaLatoya
    September 2, 2013 4:20 pm

    I am hoping that I get my holy water in the mail. If you can I would love some Marryh oil and holy oil. If you can. Please pray for me and my family and my fiancé.

  • MonikaMonika
    March 22, 2015 3:02 pm

    Thank you,for your genorosity.Wishing that you may sent me holy oil if it is possible. I will be very happy.