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Free Arbico Fly Eliminators

Free Arbico Fly Eliminators

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FREE Arbico Organics Fly Eliminators Serious Fly Control - Arbico is offering first time customers the chance to try their Fly Eliminators product absolutely free! You'll receive a 1/2 Unit size which is the recommended size if you have 2 to 5 horses. To order yours, pop over to their site and add the item to your cart. Enter the promo code TRYFREE at checkout and you won't have to pay a cent. No credit card is required.

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Fly Eliminators

Fly Eliminators are gnat-sized parasitic wasps that feed upon and breed within developing (pupal) stages of manure breeding flies, eliminating the adult pest fly. The adult female fly lays her eggs wherever there is decomposing organic material. Within a short period of time, the microscopic larvae (maggot stage) burrow into the manure and eventually develop into pupae (cocoon stage).

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