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Health Offers

America's Biggest Health Fair

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Visit a Walmart store near you during America's Biggest Health Fair on October 10th from 12-4pm for free health screenings, health insurance education, product demonstrations and gift bags.

Free Health Screenings

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Visit your local Sam's Club pharmacy on October 10th from 11am to 3pm for a Free Health Screenings for Women. Membership is not required.

Free Slim180 Weight Loss Sample

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Sign up to received a day sample of two different Slim180 Herbal Weight Loss Supplement pills!

Free Sample of Garligest

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Order a FREE Sample pack (10 capsules) of Garligest 5-Way Digestive Relief Dietary Supplement. Shipping is free as well.

Free Sample of Gac Fruit Powder

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Request a Free Sample of Gac Fruit Powder from XOI. This will only be available for a limited time.

FREE EpiPen Carrying Cases

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Order free carrying cases for your EpiPen from the My EpiPen Program. Shipping is free as well.

Free BOOST Calorie Smart Sample

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Get a mailed coupon for a FREE 4-PACK of the new BOOST CALORIE SMART 100 Calories Nutritional Drink (up to $8.99 value).

Free box of PediaVance

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Follow the instructions in our post to order a FREE box of PediaVance Electrolyte Solution ($6.99 Value) with FREE shipping.

Free School Tool Assembly Kit

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Get your School Tool Kit on hard copy or digital copy for free if you're a teacher or a school professional for middle/high school ages kids.

Free Little Remedies Samples

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Head over and fill out the form to sign up for some free samples of Little Remedies products!

Free Probiotic-10 Sample

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HURRY over and score a free sample of NOW Probiotic-10 Rapid Release Sticks and a $3 off coupon. First 2,000!

FREE $20 Order + FREE Shipping

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Sign up for Google Express' free 3 month membership then use code: MIDWEST to get a FREE $20 order with FREE Shipping!